dental care in Salt Lake for Dummies

If you're located in the Salt Lake area and looking to find a dependable dentistry for yourself or your family, look no further than Canyon Rim Dental. Located right in Salt Lake City, Utah, Canyon Rim Dental boats a team of three friendly office organizers, two highly experienced dental hygienists, and two professional M.D.-holding dentists.
The experienced team at Canyon Rim Dental is happy to help you and your family no matter what your specific needs are. We believe we should offer our clients the fullest extent of dental services because there's nothing more inconvenient than realizing a care provider you have been visiting for years can not provide you one particular service. That's why Canyon Rim Dental is pleased to offer care that fits the needs of the entire family, from young children to adolescents to adults to our elderly loved ones.
You'll be happy to know that we are more than just a dental hygiene practice. While good oral health means a lot to us, and while we go the extra mile to ensure our clients take home as much knowledge as possible about dental health, we are committed to helping you with the full extent of any dental care you may need.
We are proud to offer state-of-the-art whitening services, but we want our clients to understand that achieving a permanently white smile is simply impossible, as stains accumulate naturally over time, whether simply through aging, drinking soda or coffee, or poor hygiene. We offer a variety of whitening options, both in the office and at home, so you can rest assured we are taking your individual needs into account.
Speaking of individualized plans, at Canyon Rim Dental, we appreciate the value of planning a careful spending plan. That's why we accept most major insurance companies, multiple forms of payment, and in general are committed to helping our clients as much as we can. We are confident that we can select a solution to care for you that fits your budget, very busy calendar, and all those additional unforeseen variables. Our team will work with you in order to make sure each and every individual in your family here is pleased with their smile!
We understand the number of choices you are faced with when choosing a dental practice in the Salt Lake area, but we truly believe that our reviews and ratings speak for themselves. Canyon Rim Dental is proud to serve Emigration Canyon, Holladay, Kearns, Millcreek and East Millcreek, Murray, Sugar House, Taylorsville, West Valley, and Woodridge Terrace, making smiles brighter, whiter, and more confident all over the Salt Lake City area.

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